Synology GoFile shared file redirect to untrusted https SSL

Moving Synology NAS to HTTPS .

My NAS comes up as insecure when I access through HTTPS. How do I install the right certificates and what do I need to do on my router. If you already have a video on this please point me to it.

Many thanks.


I just did a simple test and noticed something.
So I have one NAS in the office and another in remote location.
When I try to share a file it gives me HTTP gofile link if I share from a local NAS or remote NAS.
The difference happens when I try open the file.

Local shared URL will redirect to my local IP and simply SSL warning

But a remote URL will redirect from HTTP to HTTPS with a valid SSL

No warnings. I believe if you shared your files with someone outside your home, they would not get a warning message. You can try phone 4G.

My setup has nothing complicated (no port forwarding, no DNS no third party SSL, simple Synology SSL).

All I have is QuickConnect enabled and that’s all.

I hope this helps.

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