Timetec RAM upgrade for DS920+

I may have taken your advice to insure that Amazon did not incorrectly update/specify the wrong Modules a bit too far.

I thought a simple request to TimeTec would ease my concerns and simply give me the nod that all is fine and I indeed picked the right Module….

But Noooooo.. TimeTec is now adamant that adding a 8GB Module is NOT recommended!

I even referred them to all your recommendations, and they are just not buying it…

Did they get a “Cease & Desist” from Synology for them to take this tac?

I of course trust your counsel, but what’s the deal you think?

I just wanted to insure I was getting the correct 8GB Module….. and still do!

I certainly did not wish to place you in a difficult position with TimeTec……

See below for the Back & Forth with Time Tec…..


Yes, a seller do not want to take any responsibility because officially Synology do not like that people upgrade above 8GB. But we have gone up to 20GB and it worked just fine. Sometimes you just need live with a Synology warning message on the NAS saying that you are not using their RAM.
If you buy from Amazon you should not worry about returns even if you do get the wrong RAM. Amazon never asks questions on return.
We used 8GB  – Kingston kcp426sd8/8 8gb sr 1rx8 https://amzn.to/2VALbdQ

If you prefer TIMETECI would look at Timetec 8GB DDR4 2666MHz (DDR4-2666) PC4-21300 Non-ECC Unbuffered 1.2V CL19 1Rx8
https://amzn.to/3AYEpPi  USA

https://amzn.to/3yPP7pl   UK


I ordered and installed the Timetec brand 8GB module, and it booted fine and showed the increased RAM perfectly….. But I thought, why not do a test using the Synology Memory Test through the Assistant?

It required me to turn the ADMIN Back on to start its test, and a few moments later all hell broke loose…..

The Memory progress bar Test got to the end in a matter of 6 minutes or so, and then then the 920+ simply shut down.

I waited as its said it would reboot automatically as it performed the Tests…. When It did not come back on after 10 minutes, I hit the Power Button and it would not respond. After confirming the power cord did not come loose I waited a bit longer.

I then decided to remove the 8GB stick and then tried to reboot. Thankfully it did, but came up with a message that the “Storage Pool Degraded” and had “Bad Sectors” on one of my old drives and one of my new drives.

It gave me an option of “Repair” which I did and it instantly cleared the Fault, and that was last night. Its been running since then with no issues.

My question is this: Have you ever run the Synology Memory Test when testing all the various Memory Modules you found viable? Is this Memory Test a known issue when adding non-oem Synology Memory?

Just trying to determine if I have a bad stick or the Synology Memory Test should NEVER be run with “Un-Authorized” Memory….

Again, thanks for being there!


That is indeed strange, we tried this 1r 8GB 2666MHZ RAM here and it worked


We didn’t run any tests, maybe the software doesn’t know how to test the non-synology ram, just guess.



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4 thoughts on “Timetec RAM upgrade for DS920+

  1. user comment: I populated the DS920+ with four WD Red Plus 14TB drives, two Synology SNV 3400 and even tried a M471A1K43CB1-CTD Samsung memory module 8 GB DDR4 2666 MHz from my laptop which works.