Connect to a NAS via WiFi, LAN or multiple LAN ports via same IP

I’m very new to these stuff, would you mind tellling me how to choose one or another IP.??
The only way of keeping the same ip is with link aggregation, but its possible only with LAN ports. This means – you will merge all LAN ports together and connect via the switch. Then everyone would connect with full bandwidth using the same IP. You mean then everyone connects via wifi or via ethernet?
If I use the Qnap Thunderbolt NAS TS-453BT3-8G, will I be able to just plug the thunderbolt cable and start using that connection, then unplug it and use the wifi connection? just as simple as it sounds?
Sorry, you won’t be able to use Thunderbolt, then disconnect and use WiFi under the same IP address. But you can do so, if you create two network drive connections on your computer.
The way around would be connecting wifi router to the smart switch where LAN ports are aggregated. Then you can connect via the switch with LAN cable and also via WiFi using the same IP address.

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