Nvdia Shield as Plex Media Server NAS alternative

I’ve been using an Nvdia Shield as Plex Media Server for 2 years now. On top of the limited space, the overall limited experience for Plex Server on the Nvidia, the experience is slow and comes with a buggy Android TV OS. I’m not even talking about the crappy remotes.

It’s not all that bad as it made me discover the use of a standalone Plex Server and ability to command it remotely. Recent updates have really increase the overall bad experience of the Shield which makes me wanting to move forward the a NAS.

I am surprised to hear that Nvidia shield has not been a great choice as a Pex server. Shield TV is quite powerful gear and like other consoles usually capable of squeezing more juice out of the hardware.
If you want something a little better then DS918+ will be a great choice. But if you want even more then you need to look at Intel core series NAS like Qnap 72xt series or TVS-1282, but it will be quite pricey.
We have tested ds918+ being capable of transcoding, not just one but several 1080p streams in the Plex. For 4K content, you can either stream original content or use DS Video app for transcoding remotely.
I hope this helps.

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