Do Samsung T5 Portable SSD and Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD work on Synology NAS?

I have tried connecting both a Samsung T5 Portable SSD and a Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD to both front and back USB ports on a Synology DS918+ and devices are recognised. It does recognise USB pen drives that I attached and the portable SSD’s work in both my laptop and my PC. Please can you give me some advice.


If you have not enabled hardware encryption on Samsung T5 Portable SSD it should work. Also Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD features password protection function.
If it doesn’t work with these features disables it will probably not work and there is something to do with this.

I hope this helps.


I’ve sorted it now. The were formatted as exFat which the Synology cannot read by default.
I need to but the add-in.
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