What are the most quite hard drives (HDD)

I’m looking to setup 2 8TB HDDs in a RAIDZ1 for my data files. I don’t mind any loud Read/Write or Startup noises. In fact, I find them pleasant as I find the sound a dial-up modem makes while connecting… nostalgia is most certainly the culprit.
However, I DO mind any idle sounds of any kind. Don’t want to be distracted by clicking, humming, or whining noises while just browsing the Web. This distraction would be too annoying for me in the age of the SSDs.

I currently have 1TB HDDs in a RAIDZ5 that are whisper quiet and a trusty old WD Velociraptor that only makes noise while accessing data but I know that todays larger drives are noisier.

Are there any HDDs you would recommend or settings to apply that would give me a quiet RAID1 while in idle?


The most quite drives in 3.5inch range are WD red drives, since they spin slower. These drives tend to hibernate when not in use, so you should not hear them most of the time. But if you need something closer to SSD then 2.5inch WD Red drives made for laptops would be even quieter.

I hope this helps.

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