Drobo 5N2 vs Synology 916 -image backups

 I use just for local NAS, to do 3 things: 1/ backup my sizeable photo library from a dedicated computer; 2/ full disk image backup of a separate computer using SuperDuper app; 3/ Time Machine backups of several computers.

Do either of these 2 devices let me format the NAS device as 2 different disks (I think this is 2 partitions)? I believe that I need this because my use #2 will overwrite a disk with each backup so I think I either need disk partitioning OR 2 NAS devices.

Note that I do not need any of the other fancy features that are offered by some NAS evils, I am using just for local backups as described.

The DS916+ is now discontinued and replaced by DS918+. Both Drobo 5N2 and 918+ will let you create simple backups, image backups, and time machine backups. The major Drobo advantage is that not only you can mix different size drives but also have a built-in battery in case you lose a power during the backup. In a regular NAS you might end up with a corrupted backup file, but Drobo will either finish the task or cancel the last operation in case of lost power. To have this function with other NAS brands you need to consider getting UPS.

On bot NAS makes you can create several shared folders (kind of partition) for backup tasks and keep things separate. Here is a Drobo link:  product/Drobo-Drobo-5N2-DRDS5A31-5-Bay-RAID-Enclosure-for-SATA-HD-Dual-Gigabit-Ethernet~61423

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