Intel vs ArRM-53cortex RAID5 NAS

Please kindly advice choices of NAS (aiming to use RAID5).
My major uses:
1) Storage for photos (one of my harddrives just died – losing thousands of traveling photos T-T)
2) Store and play video (mostly series not 4k)
3) ** Access collection of ebook (pdf,epub,etc.) via android phone, PC laptop. Pdf files include those of architecture pictures, landscape.

In addition, I have a few questions for NAS with ArRM-53cortex (like that of QNAP ts328). (1) For file transferring and general uses, is it slow or laggy comparing to those Intel-based NAS? (2) does ARM-based NAS lose any important functions that Intel-based ones can do (not plan to use VM)?

The best solution would be Intel-based NAS, but TS-328 is actually very unique NAS which supports snapshot technology. You are often limited to LAN peed not the processor. This means your data is not just protected by RAID redundancy mechanism but also snapshot technology. If you ever change or get some files in the folder corrupted – you can change it back to previous working version and carry on work.

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