I’m a photographer/director and have been using a 4 bay Synology NAS in raid 5 that I now wish to upgrade.
I wish to run my new NAS in raid 6. The Nas will solely be used for archiving finished projects.
My average file size is 100Mb.
I’ve narrowed down my options to the DS418play and the DS918+.
How important is CPU power and ram when it comes to file transfer speeds?
Would it be worth looking into a 5bay if I want to run the Nas in raid 6?

If you have decided to have RAID6 with two drive redundancy I would suggest getting DS918+ or DS1618+. Having a 2 drive redundancy on a 4 bay NAS would sound a bit like an overkill but once your data grows and you get an expansion unit – you can add few extra drives to a RAID and have a safe solution for your data. If you prefer to have just one unit without adding expansion – ds1618+ will be an awesome solution. It comes with free PCIe slot for 10GbE expansion or SSD cache if necessary. You can connect directly to use a switch if you end up upgrading to a 10GbE speed.

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