DS620Slim v. DS920+ for “Future-Proof File Server”

DS620Slim v. DS920+ for “Future-Proof File Server”

Thank you so much for such a wonderful and insightful forum/site. I find your comparisons and deep dives really useful!

A question regarding currently available Synology DiskStations for home use. I have four Samsung DCT 983 SSD’s – each 1.92 TB, and am looking to replace my old 1511+ which has been a great workhorse for the past 9 years, but it’s time to move on from spinning disks and buy the next “10 year box”.

I’m really focused on two options – the DS620Slim and the upcoming DS920+ (your review has been really helpful!). I’ll max out the RAM at the recommended 6/8GB for each respective option. I’m not going to be using the box for transcoding or media server (at least my current plan is to not do so); it is to create a redundant iron-clad file server to backup and hold my photos and documents and migrate off public cloud storage.

I’m pretty agnostic as to form factor – for me the extra two bays of the 620 are attractive to provide for future data growth, but it seems the internals of the 920 are better future proofed by being overall faster.

Is there a reason to prefer one over the other? From a heat-perspective, will the small form factor of the 620 be killer if I’m driving SSDs? Likewise, would you take the step to run an SSD Cache as well – either NVMe on the 920 or two RAID-1 smaller Samsungs like the 883DCT 2.5 inch 240GB’s in the open slots, or is that just overkill?

Thanks so much – I really appreciate your insight!


Synology DS918+ as well as DS920+ is twice as fast compared to DS620slim. But since both models feature dual 1GbE LAN ports you would not notice much difference. SSD will surely make things smoother, quicker to load, and find things on any of these models. But with mechanical drives speed difference would not be noticeable.
For this reason, SSD cache would speed things up in hard drive environment. Thanks to M.2 NVMe cache, you could also see increased input/output operations if you run a web server even though you have filled all bays with 2.5inch SSD. But otherwise, SSD RAID will be fast enough to cope with things. Even though NVMe cache is 5 faster than regular SSD speed.

I hope this helps.


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