Fanless (SSD) NAS, w/10GbE

Fanless (SSD) NAS, w/10GbE

WTB: Fanless NAS, with at least 1 10GbE port (can be SFP+). Would intend to start at 4 GB RAID5 and only needs to scale to 8 GB. Want all SSD drives. Thx.

The only fanless NAS with 10GbE is HS-453DX. You can not have RAID5, but you can have two RAID1. One for 2X HDD/SSD and another for 2X  M.2 SSD. Qnap, unlike other brands, do allow M.2 cache to be used as a storage space.
Alternatively, there is TBS-453DX which features a small fan and 4 x M.2 SSD slots for RAID5. It also comes with 10GbE port.

In fact, bigger NAS models come with a bigger fan which needs to spin slower to cool drives down. You can also adjust the speed in settings. So often you will notice these bigger fans will generate less noise.

NAS tests usually are done with drives inside. This is why noise tests usually show bigger noise levels. More drives generate more noise. But with SSD noise levels are close to zero.


I hope this helps.

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