Fastest local video editing +remote video editing

I am a 3D animator and video editor and have 2 Projects with a few questions I would like some advice on.

Projects A (Video Speed)

I have a 1618+ RAID 5 with 4 X WD Pro 10TB HHD’s, this leaves 2 slots available for some SSD caching.

I work alone but when rendering an animation my 4 render nodes could be writing to the NAS while I’m editing (worst case scenario).

I’m about to update my video gear and start working in 4K video and it would be nice if this device could service that bandwidth increase.

The 1618+ does not have a Thunderbolt 3 port but it can have a 10Gbe PCI card which I can run direct into my PC at the expense of the M.2 PCI card (yes I’m repeating what you say on your videos :)). That’s why I have left the 2 free slots for slower SSD cache drives.

Now the questions:

Should I upgrade the RAM to 32GB?
Should I run the 2 slots as SSD Caches and if so how big should the drives be?
Or should I run the 2 SSD slots and a separate volume just for video editing (this would mean no SSD caching).
Or am I looking at this all wrong?
Where can I buy 3rd party RAM for the Synology…e.i it been tested and proven to work with various Synology devices? 1618+/1512+

Project B (Remote Working)

I work from home and rent an office in London. The 1618+ will be in London and the 1512+ will be at home. I want both NAS drives to mirror each other, so by the time I get home, I could carry on working. The internet speed should not be an issue..80 Mb/s upload at work and 200 Mb/s download at home.

I tried out Synology Drive, I’m not sure its fast enough or can handle the share amount of files I have because the speeds do not reflect what would be possible.

Synology suggested I try WebDAV…I know nothing about them but thought it wise to see what you would suggest before the start learning about them.

What would you suggest? 40TB

Project 1- fast local editing

More RAM will not increase the performance (compatible RAM list). It is useful when NAS is used for multiple apps like surveillance, transcoding, virtualization simultaneously. Also, SSD cache will not help much with editing solution. It is beneficial for a web server, database server or simply multi-user environments. Then most often data is copied and accessed from an SSD. Synology will be smart enough to calculate the necessary size of your cache. After using it a bit, you can then order an SSD for caching.

There will better performance results if you would edit from SSD volume unless you have 8 or more drives in the RAID (more drives better speed). You would need 10GbE or Thunderbolt connection in order to utilize maximum speed.

Project B – remote editing

Synchronization between two NAS systems could be possible, but not using drive (it’s for PC synchronization not NAS). You need to choose either Cloud Station ShareSync or Shared folder Sync for this purpose. The webdav option would add a network disk on your computer over the internet- this will be a very slow choice.

If you are not generating too many gigabytes, this kind of remote editing might be possible.

Alternatively, you can connect with a remote desktop function to your office and edit things from home this way.






A wee update, your advice has been fantiastic…cloud synch has worked a dream…finish a job and home, hop on the train and the files are at work by the time I get there.
I decided to run to SSD in RAID 0 just for video which I’ll back up to another RAID Partition on the same device.
Question: are the QNAP 10 GbE NIC card you have on youtube still the cheapest 3rd party unofficial cards that supports Synology 1816+?
It is good to hear that your setup works. This is one very attractive solution for people who love to work also from home.
The 10GbE Qnap card used to work on Synology, but this has been now disabled because they have released their own 10GbE card- E10G18-T1. This will be the cheapest compatible 10GbE PCIe card for a Synology NAS.

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