NAS as Plex server for 3 or 4 videos streaming 1080p

I need to buy a NAS that will serve as a PLEX SERVER only. We will never use a HDMI output as we will use Apple TV 4K’s as clients/players. Many times we will have 3 or 4 videos streaming from the PLEX SERVER at 1 time. Most of the time they will be original quality 1080P. All of the TV’s in the home can handle 4K but I don’t really want upscaling or need upscaling to 4K.

My network is a gigabit wired network with no media streaming over wifi.

For simple FHD streaming, you will be perfectly fine with DS218+ (as a 2-bay) or DS418play (as a 4 bay). You could even get a couple of streams transcoded simultaneously with theseĀ ones. If you want to have a future-proof solution for the next 5 years and capable of transcoding 4 or more HD streams then do consider DS918+. You can start with just 2 drives and add more drives as your storage grows. So far this is the most popular choice among NAS users.

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