Fastest NAS for regular 100GB data transfer

I am looking for a NAS for home use. I create lots of drone footage (100GB in a weekend) which I want to store / back-up until I have a chance to edit it. To edit, I need to transfer to a laptop with a small SSD (256GB), than edit, than transfer back and back-up edited video.
I also want to be able to play the raw footage and edited movies on a PC or smart TV straight from the NAS. Certain folders on the NAS I also want to backup offsite to the cloud.
I do not mind paying a bit more for a NAS with a lower power draw and certainly one that is quieter as it will be sitting under the TV in the living room.
I do not know what limits the transfer rates (read/write or Network), but because I want to transfer 100GB between laptop and NAS regularly, a quick transfer rate would be important. I think 2 bay would suffice but would consider a 4 bay if I get performance benefits. I’ve been advised to connect my NAS to my router and use a network cable from the router to the laptop. Please let me know if you need further detail. I appreciate your effort and advise, thanks in advance.

There are quite a few options for you. You need to decide what is the longest time you are willing to spend for copying data from one to another device. Longer time will obviously cost the least amount of money.

There are main three connections to consider.

Regular gigabit connection which can be found on any NAS. Some NAS models will feature dual or four Gigabit ports. This will be useful for teams accessing NAS. With two ports, 2 people will be able to download data at speed of around 120MB/s (as long as hard drives are not slower than this).

The 10gbe connection will let you enjoy speeds from around 400 up to 3800MB/s or more. It depends on how fast drives you have, as well as how many drives are in the RAID array. You also need to have 10GbE switch, cat6a cables, and 10GbE card on your PC to use this connection.

Thunderbolt connection might be useful if you already have MAC or PC with Thunderbolt2 or 3 port. In this case, you can directly attach this NAS to your computer for editing or data transfer purpose and still use it for sharing data over a network. These NAS / DAS solutions cost premium because there is no competition in the market as well as it’s not very popular solution yet.

100GB  File transfer over different connections

1Gb/s    ~120MB/s                                                 ~ 7GB/min   ~15min

2Gb/s     2X  ~120MB/s                                           ~ 7GB/min   ~15min for 2 PCs

10Gb/s    ~400MB/s-3800MB/s                              ~ 24GB/min    ~4min   slowest option

Thunderbolt2   ~500MB/s 800MB/s                        ~ 24GB/min    ~3min   slowest option

Thunderbolt3      ~500MB/s  1,600 MB/s                 ~ 24GB/min    ~3min   slowest option

*Based on Qnap/Synology tests with existing NAS models. Mostly using SSD drives in a NAS along with fastest RAID option.


What is my suggestion?

If you are planning to use it only in local network 

DS218 or DS418 will do a good job (2 drives or 4 drives)

For local network and  accessing videos over internet

DS218+ or DS418play

For 10Gbe transfer speeds and accessing videos over internet

TS-253B  TS-453B  (2 drives or 4 drives)

For thunderbolt speeds and accessing over internet


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