NAS for virtual machines under 1000 +multimedia

I am trying to Finalize a NAS for my self.

– What is Thunderbolt3 and its usage, is it specific to Apple only?
– What is the purpose of an SSD Cache and is it needed for my requirements and can it be used as an expansion
– What is a 10GbE connection and is readily available at home

General Information:
Usage: Home
– Run multiple VM’s (3-4)
– Use as a Media Server for home relay (like Plex or KODI)
– Use for Backup and Cloud Connectivity
Bays- 4 to 6(if within budget)
Expansion – if I need to install TB3 port

NAS (6 TB) USD1,000

Thunderbolt is for video editors, who want either transfer data very fast or do editing directly from the NAS. Both PC and Mac can feature Thunderbolt connection.

SSD cache is good for multi-user environment when same files are often being accessed. That will improve the speed of getting these files. Also, it is very useful for Virtual machines and database servers. This is not meant to be used as an expansion.

The 10gbe connection is 10 times faster than regular gigabit connection every home has. This is useful if you want to stream heavy 4K video over the network. Also is very useful for video editors to edit directly from a NAS and share massive project files. 10GbE networks are becoming affordable. You will need 10GbE switch and a card on a computer to enjoy these speeds. To upgrade it will cost around 500 dollars.

NAS to consider:





All of them are 10GbE upgradable and come with different processors. All will do virtual machines just make sure that it is enough of power for whatever you will install on virtual machines. If windows than 1GB RAM for each machine and enough CPU power (1Ghz). Quad core and 6GB RAM will be needed.

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