fastest possible NAS for the money

I’ll use it mostly for streaming an extensive music library (about 10,000+ titles) and movies (about 100 titles). I’m leaning towards the Synology DS718+ or QNAP TS-253Be. I would like the fastest possible device for the money, with good 4k transcoding. I’m not sure if I need HDMI…maybe to be future proof I should include that? Help!

$1000CAD ($750usd)   4 to 6 tb

You are looking at the best 2-bay NASes out there. The best value for your money as always will be Qnap (253Be). And the best software from Synology (718+).

With Qnap you get HDMI port which is useful if you do not have a smart TV or Chromecast like device. You will also get a PCIe slot for an extra cache card or 10GbE upgrade (if you plan to run a web server, or need fast transfer speed between other 10GbE ready devices).

Synology will compete on the software side. It features very same processor and RAM therefore only apps can stand out. And they do. Synology Drive will replace your Dropbox-like account with much better functionality and no limits. Also, Synology moments will organize your photos in the way you have never seen before. DS Audio app can connect with your Alexa, Sonos or Google home smart speaker. And DS Video app will appear on the marketplaces like Amazon apps and Apple TV.

Qnap will have similar apps available, but this is not where they compete.


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