Finally MR2200ac Synology mesh router price and stock Available

Finally MR2200ac Synology mesh router price and stock Available

Why should I get one?

MR2200ac is the only router out there with brand new WPA3  Wi-Fi security standard.

This is nothing like Netgear or similar Wifi-range extenders or WiFi Access points. This is a mesh router, which means- no more confused phones and other mobile devices trying to connect to a one access point or another.

Signal was weak, devices disconnected or even asked for reauthentication.

This is all history. Synology mesh ensures, that you can walk from one corner of your home or office building to another without the signal being affected.

You will not even notice that your device was connecting one or another mesh router.

What is the price?

BUY Synology MR2200ac – [/geot] [/geot] [/geot] [/geot] [/geot] [/geot] [/geot] [/geot]


How many units available?

This batch has come 100units in size. It is probably not any more true when you read this. Last time the entire batch was sold out in less than a day.

When will I receive it?

You can collect it tomorrow or get it delivered to your door as soon as this Thursday – 10th Jan 2019.

Where should I buy from?

We would recommend you to choose SPAN.COM, because you get a free support calls included in your deal. This means free advice on your setup and help with any issues you face after the purchase.



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