Qnap, Synology or Asustor for photography +failure rates

I am a photographer and web designer. I am looking for a solution to backup my computer (loads of large files, up to 15 GB a pop) plus my families files (total of 4 PC’s in the house) and potentially also using the NAS as a media server to our projector. The ability to run local WordPress and using the NAS as a local web server would be an add on.

I am planing to start with 2 4TB discs and mirror them. Changing to a more complex raid later by adding discs. (if that’s even possible).

I really like the DS918+ and also the ability to book a somewhat reasonable priced cloud backup with them at the same time. Plus that it can be extended to 9 bays is awesome as well. The m.2 nvme cache disc add-on seems nice too.

That said, I have a friend which had 2 Synology die on him and the web is full of negative (dead NAS) reports. Especially lately Gamers Nexus, that had 2 Synology NAS die on them. Mostly the not powering up problem.

I am also considering the Asustor 4004T. Seems a bit cheaper and the searching for reviews does not pop up tons of failure videos.

Drobo seems nice, but pricey…

In your estimation, is the Synology problem a real one, or is that because they are the most spread NAS in the market and therefore the chance for failure simply is larger because of how many units they sold?

I am also considering to build a server myself and install a NAS software on it.


I would say Nexus won the lottery! The failure rates among Synology NAS is probably the lowest out there. He tried to turn people against Synology because of this coincidence. It could be also a problem with his power source. It is recommended to use UPS in the areas with unstable power.

You will not find many failure stories about Asustor, because they have just recently entered the NAS market. Asustor users out there is just a small group of people in comparison with Qnap and Synology.

Now back to your solution. The TS-453Be and DS918+ is probably the best choice. Even though Qnap 53be series do not have cache slot built in, you can install a 10g/cache card later. Everyone is now in a rush to upgrade to 10GbE ethernet. And with this model, you will have an option like this.

Bot NAS options will allow you to start with a mirror RAID1 and later switch to a RAID5 with no problems. Qnap HDMI port will allow you to connect projector directly to it. But of course, you can connect also a laptop which is connected to a network just like your NAS.

You can use Synology could back up, but you may find BlackBlaze cloud backup cheaper.

Asustor is still in their development and will not yet surprise you with functionality like Qnap and Synology. Especially with photographer apps like Photo Station and DS Moments.

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