Free camera licences on QTS 5

I have a TS 663A running qvrpro and 2 cameras; a TVS-882 running 8 cameras and a TVS 672n running 8 cameras at various locations. Thinking about the update to version 5 will I have to start paying license fees for all 3? And, I use HDMI for local viewing and as far as I can tell at the least I will no longer be able to use qvrclient on HB desk. and have to pay money for the new fancy client on each NAS.
Additionally, I was thinking of buying a QNAP TVS-h1288X-W1250-16G. Now that I know that there are annual fees that project is on hold. I read on the forums about a guy that bought this exact same NAS and reverted it to old QTS. If I bought this NAS and reverted the OS would I be ablt to get QTS pro and 8 free liscences? Would i be better off with Synology with 8 free licenses?

That’s QTS vs QuTS Hero. Qnap h1288X can run either QTS or QuTS Hero. If you run QTS, then you can run QVR pro for 8 free licenses. If you run Hero you can run QVR Elite which has 2 free licenses.

I hope this helps.

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