Tivo Bolt hard drive replacement/upgrade

Tivo replacement HD

I am trying to find a suitable replacement internal hard drive for my TiVo Bolt+.
I currently have 3TB installed. This unit uses a 2.5″ drive. I would like to use another 3TB drive but I’ve been told this may not be available.
Can you help??

As long as you get a similar spec hard drive, you should be able to upgrade/replace your existing HDD. Things toll lookout for is power consumption under 2W and size not bigger than 15mm. The popular choice is Toshiba MQ03ABB300 ( USA   UK )

Here is a manual on how to do it



The existing hard drive inside this box is WD30NPRZ  (USA   UK   )

This is a 15mm high SATA 2.5″


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