High speed and durable field NAS solution

I’m looking for a field NAS solution where I can hook up multiple “Ingress Stations” (2-3 MacBook Pros running Thunderbolt 3 -> 10GBE Adapters) via a 10GBE switch. Speeds are extremely important, looking for approx 500mb/s read/write. Needs to be a solution that is fairly durable and can be transported in the field – similar build to the G-Technology G-Speed Shuttle XL DAS systems. Would appreciate some good suggestions! Thanks in advance.  2000$ – 8TB

My choice would be Qnap TVS-472XT with dual NVMe SSD installed on the board and a few HDDs in regular 3.5inch bays. This would be a very fast solution. Editing could be done on the SSD media and footage and finished projects would be stored on HDD media – ready for sharing. Two Thunderbolt connections would allow two machines to connect directly to the NAS without a need for a switch. And a 10GbE port would be used for a third user or more – using 10gbe switch.

If you want something more durable then you may want to look at something like TBS-453DX. It has 4 M.2 SSD slots and a 10GbE connection on the board. It would be slightly slower with its performance, but still above your preferred speed.


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