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Looking to store photos, video, documents, music. Accessed by my wife and I at home using Windows 10 PC’s but also by my two adult daughters who live in other cities and they use Mac laptops and Windows 10 desktop. Want to use to watch videos at home and maybe remotely. I want to access remotely with my iPhone. I usually build my own PC’s and currently using a homemade WSE-2011 rig but as I get older I am worried that no one in the family could easily access this data if something were to happen to me since I’m the family computer geek. That is why I am looking for something out of the box with support. I appreciate this opportunity to ask you about this. I have watched some of your videos and I am leaning towards a Synology product like the DS418play

Yes, if you need something to work out of the box it will bee a Synology. The DS418play is the latest multimedia model released by Synology this year. It has built-in transcoding engine letting you watch your videos remotely as well as locally. You can create separate accounts for private content and also share certain folders among all users if needed. If you want to, you can automatically synchronize all videos and photos from your phones to a Synology. Later on, with an incredible filtering function, you can narrow down pictures taken in certain time, place or even featuring specific people and more. It has very similar functions to Dropbox if not better. But you don’t need to pay a monthly subscription.

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