How to get unlimited BackBlaze backup on your Synology or Qnap NAS

How to get unlimited BackBlaze backup on your Synology or Qnap NAS
We have not tried this, but we found few dockers that might help.
Here is a page for backing up your personal Linux system via Backblaze Personal Unlimited?


They use a combination of Docker + WINE to achieve this.


  1. Create docker mini virtual environment
  2. Link folders you will want to back up to the Docker environment
  3. Us WINE to allow Windows Backblaze App installation on the NAS (Linux)



COPY FROM registry.hub.docker

Step 1: Installation

When starting the container for the first time, it will automatically initialize a new Wine prefix and download & run the backblaze installer.

When you only see a black screen once you are connected press alt-tab to activate the installer window. The installer might look a bit weird (all white) at the very beginning. Just enter your backblaze account email into the white box and hit enter, then the you should see the rest of the ui. Enter your password and hit “Install”, the installer will start scanning your drive.

Step 2: Configuration

Once the Installer is finished the backblaze client should open automatically.

You will notice that currently only around 10 files are backed up. To change that click the Settings button and check the box for the “D:” drive, this drive corresponds to the /data/ directory of your container. You can also set a better name for your backup here, by default the rather obscure container id is used. I’d also reccommend to remove the blacklisted file extensions from the “Exclusions” tab.

Once you hit “Ok” or “Apply” the client will start scanning your drives again, this might take a very long time depending on the number of files you mounted under the /data/ dir, just be patient and leave the container running. You can dis- and reconnect from and to the VNC server at any time, this will not affect the Backblaze client.

When the analysis is complete make shoure the client performs the initial backup (this should happen automatically). Depending on the number and size of the files you want to back up and your upload speed, this will take quite some time. If you have to stop the container during the initial backup the backup will continue where it left once the container is started again.

Backblaze is now configured to automatically backup your linux files, to check the progress or change settings use the VNC Server.




What is WINE?



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5 thoughts on “How to get unlimited BackBlaze backup on your Synology or Qnap NAS

  1. Would love to see a video on this, I currently backup a small amount of my data with B2 (currently 3.6TB) but it is pretty expensive for the amount of data I would like to backup, I don’t mind slower restores and less convenience if I ever have an issue and experience data loss, the extra cost for B2 isn’t worth the extra convenience and speed for me

  2. Full disclosure – I’m a Backblaze employee.

    While this will work, and you can backup terabytes of data to Backblaze Personal Backup, that product is not really designed for this use case. Currently, restoring multiple terabytes of data is quite slow and cumbersome. You can choose to have an 8 TB drive shipped to you, and return it to get your deposit back, or restore via B2, but you’re making life quite difficult for yourself. Although Backblaze B2 is more expensive than Backup for more than 1.4 TB, Synology and QNAP both have backup tools that are integrated with B2. As is often the case, there is a trade-off here between cost and convenience.

    1. At the Synolgy Community, the question has been asked about using this tool to get UNLIMITED NAS storage, using the Backblaze Personal account

      As a legitimate B2 user, this blatant piracy effort appalls me.

      1. In my humble opinion this is a legitimate trade-off between convenience and powers. Yes it is not exactly using Personal as intended but it is still paid use.
        And the sordid pain of setting it up would probably take the edge off abuse potential