How to stream EMBY from Asustor NAS to a TV

i recently bought an Asustor AS6302t after reading the very good reviews from your website. (cheers very good youtube vids)
however I think ive been duped… (probably my own stupidity)
i wanted a nas with hdmi , due to my logic i thought if i connect the nas via hdmi to my LG smart tv i can watch movies stored on the nas via hdmi… so in my logic it wouldn’t be streaming over local network.
mny setup is as follows.
emby server installed on nas
my movies copied to nas
emby library is pointing at my movies.
the asusstor portal is installed on nas and when connected via hdmi i can see protal on my LG tv
i installed emby on the portal.
i can connect to the nas but its obviously streaming over my internal LAN
sorry for long message…
If my nas is connected to my tv via hdmi, shold the movie be piped down the hdmi NOT streaming over the network… or have i totally got my logic back to front!?


There are no silly questions. NAS brands do not exactly make it very simple for users to understand.
Either way. You can stream movies from your NAS with a Emby installed (on a NAS and also on TV) via local network (Ethernet or WiFI). You should also be able to stream these videos via you built in DLNA based player on TV.
Streaming to your TV via HDMI will require installing Emby app on Asustor Portal. So you technically stream it on the NAS itself. And TV connected with HDMI serves as a monitor for a NAS. You can use a remote to control the Emby app on the NAS. TV will display whatever is done in Portal app. You can even connect mouse and keyboard and use it as a computer.

I hope this helps.

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