Link aggregated 2x speed over the 10GbE connection

I currently have a QNAP TS-469 Pro, but would like to upgrade to a 10GbE equipped NAS probably next year. In the meantime I’d like to make the most of what I have already.

I’d like to use link aggregation to connect the QNAP TS-469 Pro to a switch using two standard ethernet cables.

I’d like to connect my PC to the switch using a 10GbE PCIe card.

Is this possible? Would I see the link aggregated 2x speed over the 10GbE connection?

Could you recommend the most cost effective switch that could do this?
Same for the PCIe card?

The plan for next year would be to get a 10GbE NAS so the whole thing runs at 10GbE speed.

Yes, you can certainly link aggregate connection between your NAS and a router. And then connect MAC to the switch using 10GbE connection. You will need a smart switch with at least two 10gbe ports. One port for using today and another for the future NAS connection.
You might find these links handy:

Cheapest 10gbe switches

Cheapest 10gb 1 Port PCI Express network cards (NIC) RJ45 inc. Low profile

-if you also want to upgrade a PC to a 10GbE.

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