MAC mini PLEX server vs NAS Plex server

I am considering replacing my Macmini2018 Drobo5D combo to run Plex which is far from ideal to aQNAP TS473 or an equivalent Synology soup. it would be preferable to play 4k files, if it’s possible within my budget. what would you recommend? thank you very much indeed.

Big thanks for the coffee supply. This keeps us going.
Qnap ts-473 (also 4/8 bay) is a popular choice among Plex users. Mainly because it features PCIs slot compatible with Graphics card. This allows them to have a transcoding options without slowing down a processor on the motherboard. This allows the NAS to do also other things in the meanwhile.
Otherwise, you would need to check the specs of your MAC mini and get a similar or better hardware on your new NAS.
But the main reason people choose NAS as a Plex server is because it:
* Consumes less electricity.
* come with a RAID – drive protection
* combine hundred of other apps you can install for free and use it for.
* don’t need to worry about maintenance and have new updates and new apps added for free frequently.

I hope this helps.

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