Moving from old to New NAS with virtualization

Moving from old to New NAS with virtualization
RE: NAS and virtualization (see attached image)
Goal: home-built NAS, with high-end CPU, running with multiple OS (Synology, FreeNAS, Linux, Windows etc).
Are options outlined in attached image possible?
If yes, which virtualization software is advised (VMware product, VirtualBox, or sth else)?
  • Efficient utilization of HDD space.
  • Playing around with OS
  • Certain apps will run only on certain OS.
Are there any significant downsides to virtualization software?
Yes, this will work.
The DS918+ will handle very well a couple of VMs. If you want more than that then you may want to look into something more professional like DS3617XS with Xeon processor.
Virtualization software might cost you money. Whereas Synology will let you do this for free. You may even find interesting docker, which will let you virtualize certain applications instead of the entire operating system. This saves times and resources.
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