My computer does not find the NAS using Asustor Control Center

Hello, After much research and watching your videos I decided to buy this NAS. It worked yesterday but today my computer does not find the NAS using Asustor Control Center. I shut down and restarted everything but still no luck. As a test I used a wireless computer and it DID find the NAS.


First you should check that you NAS IP is in the same range as your computer or laptop. If you can find this NAS via WiFi but not Ethernet, there is a chance that IP range is different. Once you find it make sure, you also choose a fixed IP address so it would never change to something else. Also mount your NAS as a network drive to you computers and mobile devices. So you don’t need to use Asutor portal- which is meant to be used only while setting up your NAS for the very first time. Afterwards it should be mounted and also visible via DLNA and other channels.

Check is your NAS OK

Check LED lights on your NAS front panel

Blue and green light means everything operates OK.

Here are other status codes

If everything seems ok , check IP.


Check the IP of your NAS on the router

Log into your router and check what IP your NAS is using. You can find a NAS by its MAC address. A code given to every LAN port. So check which MAC address does the connection has where your router is connected to at the back of your NAS.

MAC1 for LAN port 1 and MAC2 for LAN port 2.

Try to access the NAS using IP directly. Or try to mount the NAS using this IP. If the IP looks wrong or NAS can not be found, then restart the NAS.


Reseting your NAS IP

You can reset you NAS IP to a default address with a reset button at the back. You data will not be deleted. Things that will go to default settings are:

–  The system administrator account (admin) password will be reset back to “admin”.

–  Network settings will be reset to DHCP

–  The system HTTP and HTTPS ports will be reset back to 8000 and 8001 respectively.

–  ADM Defender will be reset and will allow all connections.


How to do it?

1. After NAS is power on, use a paper clip to push this Reset button

(Lengthen the paperclip so that you can use one end of the clip)

2. When you hear a sound beep , the configuration is restored.

3. Try to use “admin” for administrator account(admin)

4. Go back to Asustor Control Center and find the NAS


How to change your IP to be static and never change?

In the following examples we will show you how to access and change the TCP/IP settings on the ASUSTOR NAS. In order to access TCP/IP settings select [Settings] > [Network] > [Network Interface] and then select either the [LAN 1] or [LAN 2] depending on your connection. Next, click on the [Configure] button.

By default it might be automatic. So IP would change every time you restart router or NAS.

Choose IP which in the same range as your computer.

Check your computer IP

type ip config and hit enter

And you will see your computer IP

If your IP is something like then choosing IP will big big enough to ensure other devices would never have it.  This is what you set on the NAS.


You should mount your drive on computer so you don’t need to remember IP.

Go to you computer and click Mount a network drive

Put in NAS IP address and folder you want to link to.

It will ask for password and user name it will be set.

Here is more info



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One thought on “My computer does not find the NAS using Asustor Control Center

  1. My 6604T is directly connected to the computer. I can access the NAS by typing the ip address of the NAS directly into chrome. But when I press “scan” on Asustor control center, it finds nothing. I already put the ip address of my NAS into network sharing center -> ethernet network. Subnet is No gateway inputted. What else can I try?