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I’m interested in setting up a NAS for my home. Here are my goals: 1. to consolidate and organize all of my data from my windows laptop, MacBook pro, and several random old hard drives, 2. digitize and store my CD/DVD collections, 3. Plex Server/DVR for OTA programs, 4. Manage and store video from 4-6 IP cameras. 5. Have room for more additional data and media for the next 5 years. I would also like the ability to have VM.

My current setup is the Netgear Nighthawk X10 R9000 router, NVIDIA Shield with 500GB (almost maxed out), old 1TB Time Capsule setup as NAS which is really to slow to do much with, and I recently purchased the WD Easystore 10TB since it was on sale for $179.

I have done a lot of researched and watched many of your videos. I really like what QNAP has to offer and thought the TS-253B would be a good choice. It seems to be hard to find and the HS-453DX is appealing as it has 2 bays for HDD and 2 for SSD.

I will upgrade the RAM myself to save some $ and would try to go 16G. I like the idea of buying a NAS and storage together so it can be set up and tested, then again I have the 10TB WD that could be shucked and put to good use. I see that I could purchase the 453DX from QNAPdirect 4G for $599 + $30 shipping and has it for $667 + $73 shipping. When you add storage QNAPdirect gets crazy expensive while seems to have a fair price. I’m not sure on any additional fees.

$600-900 US   4-8 TB

You are right. The TS-253B (or TS-253Be) will be a great option. You can manage all of this from one place – your NAS. Qnap also offers free 4 camera licenses which are quite handy. You can install windows on the Virtual machine or set up dockers. It can be expanded with an expansion unit.

HS-453DX is a very powerful NAS option with a new trendy 10GbE port. But its price will not justify its purpose in this case. It will look nice next to your TV. But if you don’t plan to use HDMI, its just unnecessary cost.  Installing a 10Gbe/SSD card in TS-253Be will bring you this additional functionality.

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