NAS for streaming PLEX outside the home and share with 1-2 friends

Best NAS for Plex server.

I’m currently planning to purchase the QNAP TVS 871-i7 and want to ensure I’m making the correct choice.

Aside from streaming my large library within my own home, I very often stream outside of my home network and may also want to share my library with 1-2 friends.

Would the TVS 871-i7 be the best choice for my Plex server? Or is there a better option I should be considering?

My current system is a series of USB3 hard drives containing nearly 30TBs of media which are connected to a mac mini server. I regularly experience some streaming issues.

Soon, it will be necessary to add additional storage and instead of continuing down the same path, I want to purchase a NAS system to handle all my current (and future) needs.

Storing your data on external disks without a backup is quite a dangerous operation unless the data is not important. Having a NAS will ensure that even in case of one or to drive failure you can still access all your data with no problems. It is still recommended to back it up in case of external disasters like flood/fire etc.

TVS-871 with Intel core i7 i a very powerful NAS and will cope with most of the media including many 4K resolution videos. There are more powerful options out there including TVS-1282 (with HDMI2.0) series or new TVS-872XT(HDMI2.0a). But you might find x71 series to be a better value for money because it is an old NAS.

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