NAS as a stock image/video database remotely

The primary need is to remotely dump and access photos and to be apple to organize a couple of terabytes of videos and photos over a long term. The end goal is to use the NAS as a stock image/video database that any media team member can access anywhere in the world while also having the capacity of limiting user access so as to set up secure folders for sensitive documents.

We do not plan to use the NAS as to work off of so high performance isn’t a real issue after setup.

We are a charity that runs schools and we regularly have media students that come in, so it needs to be user-friendly and easy to constantly train new users. Nearly every single NAS has what we “need” but from the reviews not many are user-friendly and their apps are hard to use.

What you are looking for is simple Synology j series NAS. The DS218j or DS418j will do all this and much more. Apps will be friendly and more importantly, you will be able to secure certain folders and even encrypt them to keeps things super safe.

You will be able to connect your NAS as an extra drive – accessible either over the network or even internet. The easy file upload will be possible even from mobile devices like phones and tablets.

If you think you may need to stream video content over the internet, then I would suggest getting at least DS218 or DS418 which offers o the fly video conversion.

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