budget NAS for photo/video editing

I’m looking for a NAS to keep and edit my work on, as well as to sync images between computers on different locations. I’m currently a photography student so my budget isn’t what it should be.

I currently have my files on a 4TB drive in my computer tower, but it’s filling up fast. I’d like to use the drive in the NAS-raid array. Was thinking about getting a 4-bay NAS that in the future can be upgraded to 10GB-E and two 4TB drives. Start a raid 5 on those drives, copy over my files and then ad the drive i have to that array for a 8TB+redundancy nas with an option to add 4 more TB down the road. But i don’t even know if this is possible. What Nases should i be looking at when i have professional needs but a small budget?

The cheapest option is to get 10GbE NAS already. Desktop NAS TS-431X (or X2) will feature SFP port which you can later connect directly to your computer with a 10gbe card. I would recommend to invest a little more and get TS-453Be which feature Pcie slot for 10gbe card upgrade. Either way, you can start with two or three drives in a RAID (RAID1 with 2 drives, RAID5 with 3 or more drives). Later on, you can change RAID1 to RAID5 without losing data. Or if you start with a RAID5 you can add extra drives to it easily.

The built-in apps will ensure your local and remote folders will be synchronized instantly. Dual LAN ports can be link aggregated (joined together for double bandwidth) which should be enough for large photo editing.

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