NAS as my media server storing blurays including ultra hd +4K WiFi

I have a 4K telly and an x box one x.
I would like a nas as my media server storing blurays including ultra hd. I would also like to stream to laptops, iPads and phones.
Would you recommend putting the nas next to the tv and using hdmi for playback? If so I am limited for space (in order to keep the missus happy from an aesthetic perspective). Could the nas go at the back of an enclosed tv cabinet or does it need to have good airflow for cooling?
Which nas would you recommend? Can part of the drive be allocated for Xbox game storage?

If you want to stream 4K over HDMI and also over the network including wired and wireless connections – I would recommend TS-253be. This would fit in your budget under 500. The HDMI will ensure smooth 4K streaming. The Ethernet connection would enable your laptop also to stream 4K. For a WiFi 4K streaming you should consider getting 4K ready wifi switch like NETGEAR GS810EMX. For streaming on mobile devices built in transcoding functionality will ensure that video will be converted on the fly in a receivable format.

You can place your NAS next to the TV or in the cupboard- it does not generate any noise and drives also will not get goter than 30-40Celsius. Xbox will not allow NAS to be used for game storage.

4K streaming WIFI

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