NAS as STB emulator and/or Kodi and Plex server

I am interested in setting up a NAS, for primarily backup and media. I plan to install STB emulator and/or Kodi and Plex. I have two WD30EURS which i think will work with most NAS (not verified by either). I plan to start with a four bay NAS using my two 3T hard drives then add another as i need and possibly set up the 4th slot with an SSD…(not sure if that is needed or even a good idea).

What is the best NAS for what i am describing above? I have watched a few of your videos and think the QNAP TS 453Be or Synology 918+ each with 4gig, are my best options but feel i may be missing others. I have 4K TV’s but watch mostly in 1080 or less when watching Kodi.

What you are describing indeed is Qnap TS-453Be. It comes with HDMI port for KODI 4K streaming (or 1080p). Synology will not let you install KODI nor it has HDMI. The SSD will improve user experience and the time you can switch between things as long as data live on the SSD. As a cache, it will improve things only for very often accessed data. Qnap NAS also features 4K transcoding engine which will allow you to stream 4K converted video on the fly on your HD or Full HD devices.

There are two options for STB emulator. You can either install windows virtual machine and android emulator and then STB. Or simply create Android virtual machine and install STB on it- then HDMI port will allow you to stream the content to the TV.

STB Emulator on windows


STB Emulator on android




How to configure STB?


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