NAS for large amounts of files.

NAS for large amounts of files.

an interesting question for You, probably even worth a YouTube video. I can barely find any information about it.

I am in need to consolidate 15 years of my digital life. I literally have a box of harddrives – ide, sata, ssd, CD’s and even floppy disks that I have used in my computers over the years. To be sure I have ALL the files from disks, even deleted ones, I use some data recovery programs. As a result, I have recoveries from each disk, including windows stuff that I will need to sort out later. That all comes with not much space, but millions of files. For instance, one backup from one disk: 235 GB (553 773 files, 72 602 folders).

Currently I have about 11 TB of data and ~20 millions of files. My goal is to gather everything into one place and start sorting data out (remove duplicates etc.) I estimate that everything could be around 40TB+. The problem would not be disk space, but AMOUNT OF FILES.

According to my poor (IMHO) research, NONE of Synology devices suit my needs (if looking for max supported file count). I was hoping that maybe there is some ready to use NAS that supports truckload of files, preferrably with ZFS support. I am considering building NAS from some old server myself, however, due to lack of skills with ZFS, I would prefer to avoid to play with my precious files. ūüėÄ

You might have misunderstood the file limit. Synology will not limit you regards to a number of the files you store. The only limits you will see is in Dropbox-like apps like Cloud Station and Drive. These apps have to syncronise a folder between your computer and a NAS. This is resource consuming tasks if we are talking about 1million files to syncronise. Rest assured that you can easily store all your data on a Synology NAS.

Something like DS1618+ will be a great future proof data storage solution with a possibility to upgrade to a 10GbE network later.

Cloud Station Server

Maximum Number of Hosted Files (btrfs) 1,000,000

Synology Drive

Recommended Number of Hosted Files 1,000,000 (applies to files indexed or hosted by Synology Drive. For file access through other standard protocols, refer to the File Services section above)

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