Mobile NAS – for a RV

Mobile NAS

I am looking to have a mobile NAS for an RV. I have a QNAP 4 bay for home. The purpose is to store photos and video along my long term travels (6 months to a year). The NAS will also serve stored video to one or two users. I have an AC access point for wireless access. It would be better if the system could handle the power supply direct from the 12V battery (12 Vto 14V). Lastly, as this will not be RAID I will backup on the cloud to Google Drive or Amazon when free WIFI is available

I would like as low as possible W in idle and the ability to boot reasonably fast as the NAS will likely be on/off daily. The drives should tolerate rough roads.

I am looking at a single bay QNAP TS-131P with a 1TB SSD. Is this a solid choice?

You can get QNAP TS-131P or Synology DS119j. As long as you use SSD inside- it will work even when driving rough roads.

But what I actually want to drive your attention to is – Synology EDS14 which is made for use in the car. It is low power NAS with SSD slot and USB port for external drives. You can create your local network storage solution in the car.

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