Is Qnap Thunderbolt NAS a scam?

We are a wedding photo/video company. We currently do about 100/125 weddings per season and are looking to do about 200 next season. Each wedding on average we will yield about 200-500 gigs of data. I have been doing a lot of research on the NAS systems but still can’t seem to find or know which one would best suite our needs as we need something with great speeds but also great volume (as we plan, ideally, to hold the footage for a few years).

We’ve been considering the tvs-1282t3, I have mixed feelings on thunderbolt vs 10gbe but this seems to be the unit for the job, however, it doesn’t seem like it would scale the way we need it too. We’ve also considered the rack mount TVS-1582TU -i7-32G but mainly because this has thunderbolt which at the time I thought was faster than the 10gbe but was told its a “scam”.

The TVS-1282t3 will probably be the best choice if you have a growing business and you do use quite a few Mac computers.
Thunderbolt connection is not a scam, its functionality is simply not well explained. Thunderbolt function here simply works as a “10GbE converter”. The benefit of it is that you do not need to buy a 10GbE switch. But once you need more than 4 (available connections on a NAS) connections, you need to use few of the 10GbE ports or connect via the 10GbE switch. The speed is based on the way you connect. The media and the RAID type inside the NAS will determine the speed you will get.
RAID0/ RAID10 will be the fastest RAID mode.
NVMe SSD will be the fastest media.
And simply a number of drives will deliver combined speed.

You can also have a look at the new Qnap 72XT series (472xt, 672xt, and 872xt) where you can utilize all of these speed boosting technologies and functionality.


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