NAS for Lightroom photo editing

NAS for Lightroom photo editing

Hi, love the videos, very helpful.
I edit files in Ligthroom on an Mac and need a lot of robust storage. My current solution using USB drives is not working.
My priority is not to have lag opening large RAW files to edit with lightroom or browsing large file structures. Would I need to look at CPU /RAM for this or network speed or even NAS software being potential bottleneck. It is for a MAC so should I even look at a thunderbolt compatible device instead of using Ethernet.


Thanks you for the coffee! This keeps us going.
If you fee like USB drives can not do the job because of the slow speed, then Thunderbolt RAID box would be a better option. Drobo, Pegasus and Areca would offer good solutions. But if storage space is an issue then NAS will certainly be a good, expandable options. Qnap also offers NAS with Thunderbolt connectivity which is a popular choice among video editors.
The bottlenecks is often a connection speed. And processor. DAS boxes often feature hardware RAID therefore CPU is not that important. But in NAS RAID is often software based and require decent CPU. Celeron based NAS can deliver around 700MB/s top speed with SSD and RAID0. With a Intel core i based NAS and more drives you can cross 1000MB/s mark. The most popular choice is TVS-472XT/ 672XT and 872XT.

I hope this helps.

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