Nas for plex and bluesound vault 2i

Nas for plex and bluesound vault 2i

Hi , Have just watched your plex set up video for the 420+ ,, thank you it has really really helped.

I was planning to go down the 420+ route with 4 wd 10tb hard drives for plex and household ( 4 adults all needing secure storage and a family shared folder)
However …
I have been offered a great deal on a Bluesound Vault 2i which rips and stores cds
I have appox 1000 cds what will need ripping
Will I be able to use the 2 on the same network ?
is it going to make things really complicated?
What is your best advice please ?


Regards to vault 2i and a NAS with Plex, they will coexist in the same network with no problems. Vault 2i has its own operating system and app to operate it. The same applies to a Synology NAS. You can run Plex multimedia server and/or mount your Synology to your speaker.
DS420+ is a multimedia friendly choice. This will not only allow audio but also video streaming even remotely over the internet.
This is a futureproof model allowing RAM to upgrade at a later stage. Plus series also means that there are no limitations to apps you can install or run on this NAS.

This is a good choice.

I hope this helps.

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