NAS storage for media and PC backups

Thinking to get a NAS storage for media files (Plex) and PC backups and cannot decide between this two:

Synology DS918+ and Qnap TS-453BE

planning to get 4 X 10TB WD drives

Could you advise which one is better?

Can this devices connected to wifi router if I don’t have PC network?

Both NAS models are equally powerful. If you want simplicity then go for Synology. Everything can be set up with just a few clicks and don’t need to worry about reliability. You can also mix and match different drives and enjoy top quality apps and functionality. If you like to configure things and experiment with things then go Qnap.

Also, Qnap is better because it comes with HDMI port for direct connectivity and PCIe slot for later upgrades with additional cards.

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