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NAS & Google drive harmony. I need a recommendation for a good, reliable system for my small business. We film weddings. I want a on-site storage that will easily sync with google drive. My editor is overseas so I want a copy on site at my home office and one in the cloud for safety and to allow him to download the video footage. each project is an average of 200 gigs +/- and we do about 150 events a year. What do you suggest?

2-3k USD 20 tb minimum, 30 is good, 60 is better

If you go for a Synology NAS- you can do much more then you are asking for. They have developed their own RAID protection mechanism called SHR. This will mean that you can start with two or three 12TB drives and add more as your data grow.

The NAS system will completely replace Google drive or Dropbox, but of course, you can still keep it and use as a cloud backup. Synology has developed their own cloud sync app called Drive which will allow you to synchronize your chosen folders among two or more devices.

Or you can easily set up Synchronisation between your chosen folders on the NAS and Google drive. Then all changes made to the folder will automatically appear on the cloud and all client computers- bidirectional. The built-in transcoding function will allow your clients to access your footage straight away without waiting for the data to synchronize. Video format will be transcoded on the fly.

Based on the required storage you can choose between:

DS918+ – 4K Video capable NAS with built-in SSD caching, expandable up to 9 drive (120TB)

DS1618+ – Easily expandable and upgradable to 10GbE for super fast local file sharing. (Max capacity 200TB)

And this is just a tip of the iceberg what you can do with a NAS. Once you get one you realize the possibilities.

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