NAS to use offline

NAS to use offline

I just bought WD Cloud Home 8TB and realised that I cannot use it offline. It seems impossible to connect it directly to my laptop like any other external HD.

I am searching for a solution and asking for your help.

I want a NAS that can also be used offline or an external HD (6-8 TB) with NAS possibility. I am searching for NAS which can be connected via usb cable to my laptop (since I don’t have ethernet socket) and transfer filles in both direction like any other external HD. Is it out there something like that?

Yes, only a few models do allow connectin via USB/Thunderbolt and Ethernet at the same time. Qnap feature models like TS-453B / 653B  also TVS-473e and older TS-253A/ 453A . Thunderbolt models are TVS-472XT (also 672xt / 872xt  )

You can find these models on these questions discussed too :

Data transfer speed USB-C QuickAccess port on Qnap

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