NAS with automatic ON/OFF schedule function

Which NSA fits best to the following requirement: For energysaving and noise reasons I would like to run my NAS only during the day (“office hours“). QTS and software I require should run on SSDs while my long-term data storage (office files but also private photos and videos) should be on HDDs (and actually most of the time in sleep-mode). I will need to also reach the NAS from off-premises. Can the QNAP TVS-682 achieve the above requirements? Or which NAS would you recommend?

Both Qnap (manual) and Synology(manual) allow scheduled power options. Even though you can similarly mix SSD and HDD on Synology like DS1618+ but you can set up Tiered storage only on Qnap. This is super useful for office environments. The most used data will automatically be moved to the SSD drives and other data will be on slower HDD storage. For power saving, it is important to use NAS drives like WD red, because they spin slower and hibernate when there is none accessing the NAS. This saves quite a bit of energy. For 24/7 demanding data access, different drives like 7200RPM would be used.

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