Macbook 4K video editing DAS or NAS or Both

I have the need to edit 4k video from a Macbook pro with limited internal storage, the first solution would be to buy a high-speed interface DAS and edit the files directly on that disk. However, when I’m done with the video files and photos, I want to access them from the web in a way which a NAS can do. I also want to be able to backup the DAS incrementally overnight to say a NAS when it’s connected to the MacBook.

Please comment on my best solution here, I’m just an enthusiast.. not an actual film maker business.

My views so far:
Option 1, buy a Qnap Thunderbolt3 DAS/NAS. (seems to do the trick, but is quite expensive)

Option 2, Buy a high speed but affordable DAS and a lower spec NAS. My problem here is: How can I backup the DAS to the NAS automatically and incrementally when it’s online say overnight?

The fastest editing solution will always be a DAS which will often be also cheapest solution. But it lacks sharing functionality. Especially when you have a group of people working on the same project and clients who want to see results and finished projects on regular bases. For that reason, Qnap came up with their DAS/NAS solution which lets you do not only editing but also sharing project files without spending your time copying files from editing computer to a NAS and backward.

Qnap is trying to offer NAS/DAS solution for both- with a limited budget and those who need maximums performance and collaboration functionality.

The cheapest solution they offer is TS-453BT3 which has been tested and achieved around 600MB/s using SSD RAID (HDD RAID around 350-500MB/s) which is enough to do 4K editing.

And they have more professional solutions like:

Thunderbolt2 NAS/DAS which can be connected to TB3 with an apple adapter. Because TB2 is now replaced, you can get one cheaper.

TVS-682T-i3 £1,542 TVS-882T-i5-16G £1,934

The Thunderbolt3 8 bay will work pretty fast allowing simultaneous users editing wj=hist directly connected. Also, +4 SSD bay option x1282T3 will allow a function called Tiered Storage. This will automatically move most often used data to a faster SSD storage and less frequently access data on HDD storage. This massively improves NAS performance.

TVS-882BRT3-i5 £1,829 TVS-1282T3-i5 £2,392

And there is SSD variant which will offer amazing transfer speeds. It not only stores 4K files but easily transcodes them for easy playback on any device over the internet connection or in the local network.

TVS-882ST3-i5 £1,606

How to back up DAS to my NAS?

If you decide to go for a DAS solution and want it to be backed up to a NAS and also enable sharing you can look at something much cheaper. I would recommend something with at least hardware transcoding engine to make video sharing easier. The TS-253Be, TS-453Be or TS-653B will be a good choice. It is upgradable to a 10GbE to speed up backup tasks and also has many other useful functions to offer.

To back up you DAS I would recommend getting Acronis software which is pretty cheap. This will clone entire drive if needed to your NAS.


Acronis True Image is a backup software which will let you backup Computers, Android Phones or Apple iPhones to your NAS. It is an incredible app because not only it can backup few folders, but also an entire image of your computer. This is super important if you need to get your computer restored ASAP after a massive system crash, virus or other disasters (Manual to set up NAS as backup destination). Backing up a mobile device means capturing all of the data – including contacts, calendar, photos, videos and other files – so you still have them if something happens to your smartphone or tablet.
Backup software for mobile devices makes sure you are saving copies frequently, reliably and safely. It automatically produces a backup and makes it easy to restore your files.
Link to Acronis True Image=


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