NAS with USB direct connectivity and directly accessible like C: drive

NAS with USB direct connectivity and directly accessible like C: drive

NAS for a home cloud server that can be accessed outside by internet

First of all thank you for doing these advice’s, so what i need is a NAS device that can do the following:

1- able to be accessed as a normal drive on other PCs on the network and outside the network via internet to push files into it and download files from it when needed.

2- backup syncing for PCs on network and outside via internet and backups for portable devices like phones and tablets again on network and outside via internet, this includes a full back up and not just for pictures and videos.

3- able to record video game play on it directly on the network from my main PC reliably, would of course need to figure out the best bit-rate for the bandwidth etc.

4- able to use it as a personal cloud on network and outside via internet, like for example those commercial cloud services (google drive, dropbox, etc) to automatically sync lets say pictures and videos on the go through my phone as soon as they are captured, for example while traveling.

5- i am NOT looking for a media server, i do not need it to transcode stuff automatically to my TV and such, i would use it as pure storage, run the video files or pictures through it on other devices like PCs and mobile devices, (example storing 4k hdr movies and run them on my media pc without downloading it to the media pc, basically using the NAS as a drive that contains the movie and playing the movie on the media PC)

My router is a Linksys EA9500, product link:

i would probably be able to connect the NAS to my main pc through a USB 3 to allow more bandwidth vs the gigabit LAN limitations i just dont know if i will be able to use it the way i would want to with the use cases above, i could have the NAS connected to the router and USB 3 to the main pc so i wont saturate the LAN using the internet on my main pc.

again thank you so very much for doing these advises, hoping to hear from you soon.

There are not many NAS models you can connect via USB. There is TVS-472XT with Thunderbolt. And there is TS-251A/ 451A. Also TS-253B/ TS453B/ 653B.
You can mount network drive directly on your computer. So it will appear next to your C: drive. You can also connect it as an ISCSI drive. This would trick the PC to think this is actually a D: or E: drive. This is useful in some case when PC software does not allow direct editing or recording on a network drive.
You can backup you computers and mobile devices with built in backup apps and software.
If you want to record videos directly on a NAS previously mentioned network drive to mount or ISCSI will allow you to do this. Thunderbolt or 10GbE connection would be helpful if videos need more bandwidth (very unlikely).
You can set this NAS app to easily replace your Drobpbox or any other cloud drive. All data will be as safe as you want it to be. And you own the data.
Using setting WebDAV will even allow you to see network drive mounted even when you are not at home (over the internet).

​​​​​​​I hope this helps.



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