PLEX 4K transcoding NAS- GTX1650 on Synology DVA3221 Hardware Transcoding

Nvidia GPU in synology boxes and Plex

A few months ago you reviewed the DVA3221 and reported that the GTX 1650 it ships with could not be used for Plex HW transcoding.

A Plex forum user just tried the same and did get it to work. Could you please revisit the topic on your YouTube chanel (provided you find the same). And also, look into what has changed since you tested, and if this even paves the way for nvidia transcoding in other synology boxes?

I am looking at this forum post and it does indeed look like it is using PCIe graphics card for video conversion. This indeed makes it the best PLEX NAS from the Synology range. Otherwise, you had to go for Xeon based models and use software transcoding. With a PCIe card, overall NAS performance will not be affected during the transcoding process. These are really good news and we will try to get a test unit and try out what it is capable of. Thanks.

Screen Shot 2021-04-04 at 10.39.33 AM

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