Plex + Virtualisation NAS with encryption

Currently i’m thinking about Synology ds218+ and Qnap ts-251a and ts-251+. I would like to run plex media server, store backup files, be able to encrypt drives as well as be able to run some virtualization machines. I know that 251+ is older than 251a im interested how they both would perform in mentioned tasks and how they present compared to synology. Eventually if you have any other options from those two brands i would be grateful for ideas and explanation why.

With a Virtualization mentioned, I have to suggest DS718+ or TS-253Be these would be a good starting point towards this task. DS218+ will be very slow doing all of this. The absolute minimum could still be TS-251+. All of the mentioned NAS models will perform pretty much same way with a Plex as well as you can encrypt things.

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