price and availability of the Synology DS1819+

I was wondering what the price and availability of the Synology DS1819+? What features will it have? What is best encryption for a Synology NAS?

DS1819+ is available for ex.VAT £789.00 or £946.80 with VAT from SPAN and probably later from Amazon.

It is not any different than previous ds1817+. It does have newer CPU but it performs very similarly.
It comes with AES-NI hardware encryption engine which will allow you to encrypt any folders with sensitive information.

It is going to be as usual top selling multi-bay desktop enclosure with expansion capability and PCIe slot for 10GbE or SSD cache card upgrade. Top speed with SSD and 10GbE card would reach over 2000MB/s which is great for video editing and VM storage.

Four LAN ports, as usual, can be combined into a link aggregated 4GbE connection or simply user load balancing in multi-user environment. Synology is smart enough to turn any unmanaged switch into a load balancing ready switch.

At the back, nothing has changed. You still get PCIe slot, 4 LAN ports, expansion and USB ports. Still no sign of NVMe built-in caching.






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