QNAP TVS-882BRT3 I7 PLEX hardware transcoding NAS

QNAP TVS-882BRT3 I7 32

The NAS I’m interested in, is the QNAP TVS-882BRT3-ODD-I7-32G-US. It didn’t make your best top 3 list, nor is it on the list of QNAP NAS devices that can hardware transcode, so I’m hesitant to buy it before asking a few questions.

So my question is:

1. Can the QNAP TVS-882BRT3-ODD-I7-32G-US, HARDWARE TRANSCODE when using PLEX?

2. Can you please calculate for me the number of 1080p streams Can the QNAP TVS-882BRT3-ODD-I7-32G-US, play smoothly & simultaneously to devices that are outside my network, remotely?

3. How many *4K streams Can the QNAP TVS-882BRT3-ODD-I7-32G-US, play smoothly & simultaneously to devices that are outside my network, remotely?

4. What are the Benefits & Advantages of buying a QNAP NAS & Hard Drives thru SPAN.com? Can you give me a list of what things/tests that you put the device/hard drives thru before shipping it out to me?

5. Is it possible to buy the QNAP TVS-882BRT3-ODD-I7-32G-US with WD GOLD DRIVES? (I’m asking because i only see RED, iron wolf, & HGST drive options when configuring the qnap 882brt3 on span.com)

6. WD RED vs GOLD Hard drive: which drive is more quiet? And is the noise difference between the 2 drives a big noticeable difference? Or not significant enough to make a difference to swaying my decision?

Qnap has made many variations of x82 series this is why it looks like we have forgotten about few of them. But we haven’t. The 882BRT3 is exactly the same as regular 882 series NAS. The only difference is connectivity and 2.5inch SSD replacement with ODD. When you are looking for a transcoding device, only thing what matters is CPU.

So far the best results on hardware and software transcoding show Qnap x82 series NAS with i7. It is a very powerful processor with a built-in transcoding engine. If that is not enough you can install a graphics card and push transcoding results even further.

So answering your questions:

  1. yes it does hardware transcoding
  2. We gave up with 15 local transcoding streams but it could do more. Remotely you are limited to your internet speed on each end. With modern 100gbit broadband, you should be able to stream 5 streams or more.
  3. One or two 4k transcoded streams
  4. SPAN is testing hardware including NAS, drives, and accessories to avoid the situation of delivering a faulty item. Factories are only testing occasionally few drives. Also, things are being moved from warehouse to warehouse with a chance of damage. Span will test things, build a RAID, install apps and configure the NAS if requested and do even data scrubbing test on drives to ensure they are top quality.
  5. Yes, you can add gold drives to the cart. The system will offer to create a build during the checkout process.
  6. WD Gold drives are much noisier because they spin at 7200RMP. WD red work at 5900RPM. GOLD or PRO drives are only recommended in high IOPS environments like a web server, virtualizations etc.

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