Quite NAS in a Motorhome

NAS in a Motorhome

I will be living in a motorhome and traveling around the US. I want to move my extensive video collection to a NAS and I am looking at the QNAP HS-453DX connected directly to the TV. Noise is an issue because of the confined space, but not a deciding factor, and I can run it on DC power without running through the inverter. I would of course be shutting it down while traveling but it will then be on for weeks or months at a time. Since NAS drives are not meant to cycle power that often would I be better off with high end desktop drives? What drive would you recommend?

Yes, QNAP HS-453DX is going to be the quietest NAS out there together with its brother TBS-453DX. If you need absolute silence then you should consider getting SSD instead of HDD drives. But if you need more then 4TB in storage space, then you might have no other choice.

The next option would be 2.5inch laptop drives which are also very quite.

But if you need even more capacity, then WD Red drives seem to be quitest 3.5insh drives so far.

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